Things I’m Loving: American Diabetes Challenge

One of my favorite things about my blog is getting the opportunity to share with you my very favorite things.  Sometimes, these are items that help me to live a happier, healthier, simpler life (aka what my blog is all about).  Other times, they are programs or ideas that I really feel I can get behind.  As you guys know, I am really in to diabetes.  I mean…really in to itSmile  I can’t wait to get my CDE so that I am able to help people specifically meet their diabetes goals.  It’s a very important goal of my own!  That’s why I feel the need to take a few lines and tell you about the American Diabetes Challenge!

“America’s Diabetes Challenge: Get to Your Goals” is an educational program from Merck and the American Diabetes Association urging people with type 2 diabetes to work with their doctor to set and reach their individual A1C goal. The program also helps people with type 2 diabetes learn if they are at risk for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and how they can work to reduce that risk.    Friends and caregivers of those with diabetes are encouraged to challenge and help their friends and family reach their A1C goals and to support them through lifestyle changes to reach these goals. 

Serious complications of type 2 diabetes; such as diabetic ulcers and amputations, diabetic neuropathy, and diabetic retinopathy can all be avoided by setting and meeting individual goals that follow the ABCs of diabetes-A for A1C, B for blood pressure, and C for cholesterol.  These three important goals decrease complications, and decrease risks for major events, such as heart attacks and stroke.

Do you have Type 2 Diabetes? Are you at your A1C and blood glucose goals? Accept the America’s Diabetes Challenge.  What is your mission?

1) Talk to your diabetes care provider to know your A1C

2) Set goals, make a plan, and learn about managing both high and low blood glucose

3) Stick to the plan, and check in with your provider.

Are you interested in taking the challenge? Need someone to hold you accountable and help you reach your goals? Contact me to today! RXforWellnessDC would LOVE to help you reach these goals and lead a happier, healthier life! Take the challenge today!

Yoga and Diabetes 101

With diabetes skyrocketing in a sedentary society, it is no surprise that health care professionals are constantly seeking ways to increase movement and invent novel ways to treat diabetes.  An important part of diabetes management is sustained movement and exercise. Exercise specifically helps diabetes in several different ways.  High blood sugar is caused when your blood cells do not respond to insulin production. When you follow a regular exercise plan, your body starts responding to insulin, which, in return, reduces your blood glucose. Exercise also helps improve blood circulation in your body, particularly in the arms and legs, where diabetic patients most commonly have vascular complications.  Balance and flexibility exercises have especially been encouraged has a good way to start normal physical movement

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Regular yoga practice can help lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, maintain normal weight, and reducing complications.  The consistent practice of yoga and mindfulness can help reduce stress and protect the body from its adverse effects. This reduces glucagon production and improves the action of insulin.The following article does an excellent job of discussing the top yoga poses for diabetes management. Enjoy!

Summer Slump+Chef Knife Fun!

Summer Slump+Chef Knife Fun!

While summer came in with roar here in DC, it has suddenly came to a screeching halt.  I’m talking, real life 60 degrees, heater on in the car, screeching….halt. A positive to the sudden weather change- running in the mist! Reminds me of walking underneath the water misters at the theme parks! I know it won’t be long before muggy, 90 degree days will be back, so I will take advantage while I can.  Yesterday, I was able to get in a solid 4 miles before the rain became too heavy (I left the waterproof camera at home….silly me).  The design of this website and blog has left me sitting in front of a screen for way too long and I am still in need of some good sunshine and outdoor funSmile  In the mean time, thank you for your patience while the blog takes shape.  I am not a techie by any stretch of the imagination, and I am learning everything as I go!

Some indoor time this week has given me quite a bit of time to play in the kitchenSmile I have come to realize that success in the kitchen is almost always contingent upon your best instruments and quality ingredients.  I am not a gourmet chef. I never plan to be. My number one goal is to create simple, healthy, whole food dishes that can be enjoyed by everyone, including those with special diet restrictions or just plain picky eaters Smile with tongue out I never exclude anything from my recipes/diet, I believe everything in moderation, made from whole ingredients (aka not or barely processed) never hurt anybody. 

Another critical part of success in the kitchen is having one or two instruments that make cooking and prep work a breeze.  Which is why I have to tell you about my newest acquisition in the kitchen!   


This Global NI knife has become my number one weapon come dinner time.  It has literally cut my prep time in half! I used to dread spending the first 10-15 minutes of dinner time prepping vegetables, all because I did not have a good knife.  When used properly, this bad boy is like an extension of my own hand.  The weight of the handle is extra light and glides easily through all ingredients. I even deboned a chicken with it! When starting the journey of making healthy meals at home, making an investment in an item that saves so much time and sanity really pays off. What item can you absolutely not live without in the kitchen?

I have some super great recipes to share with your guys coming up in the next few days, including a delicious dessert that will help keep your blood sugar in check and nip those cravings for something sweet!