Working From Home + Services Update

Today has me in a complete work  mode, and it has been a very…very…slow start.  My computer (my beloved Toshiba from pre-pharmacy school days) finally kicked the bucket on Sunday.  The screen went completely black and the processor just gave out.  It figures that as soon as I get a little momentum with blog posts, etc. that I would have tech issues!  Today was my first day off since then, Garth picked out a computer from Best Buy ( I picked up this one) that would meet all my business/blogging/personal needs. I picked it up and proceeded to transfer all my files and get it set up to work.  By the time I sat down to actually start on some posts and patient charts, It was already after 2pm. This might be setting the worst example ever, but I ordered a pizza, wrote off my workout for the day, and now I’m hunkered down, ready to get completely caught up for the week (cross our fingers Fingers crossed).

This week, I had every intention of doing post giving everyone an update on where the business is headed and how my CDE is progressing. This is as good an opportunity as any!  I’m fully integrated into the community here in Fredericksburg since moving in July.  It’s been such a blessing to move farther away from the city, closer to my job and surrounded by friends and a positive environment.  I’m expanding my services into the Richmond market and am hoping to also expand into remote consultations through this blog.  With a combination of Washington Metro, Richmond, and everything in between, I should be able to build a decent client base! 

I am scheduled to take my final CDE (certified diabetes educator) exam in the late spring and I have completely finished all my experience hours.  In addition to this exam, I will also be sitting for my ACE Health Coach exam as a added bonus to my patients seeking extra diet and fitness helpSmile.

Interested in personal or group diabetes education? Contact my at rxforwellnessdc@gmail.com.  I am available for private consultation, group consultation for private practices, and curriculum development! I look forward to hearing from you!

Things I’m Loving: American Diabetes Challenge

One of my favorite things about my blog is getting the opportunity to share with you my very favorite things.  Sometimes, these are items that help me to live a happier, healthier, simpler life (aka what my blog is all about).  Other times, they are programs or ideas that I really feel I can get behind.  As you guys know, I am really in to diabetes.  I mean…really in to itSmile  I can’t wait to get my CDE so that I am able to help people specifically meet their diabetes goals.  It’s a very important goal of my own!  That’s why I feel the need to take a few lines and tell you about the American Diabetes Challenge!

“America’s Diabetes Challenge: Get to Your Goals” is an educational program from Merck and the American Diabetes Association urging people with type 2 diabetes to work with their doctor to set and reach their individual A1C goal. The program also helps people with type 2 diabetes learn if they are at risk for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and how they can work to reduce that risk.    Friends and caregivers of those with diabetes are encouraged to challenge and help their friends and family reach their A1C goals and to support them through lifestyle changes to reach these goals. 

Serious complications of type 2 diabetes; such as diabetic ulcers and amputations, diabetic neuropathy, and diabetic retinopathy can all be avoided by setting and meeting individual goals that follow the ABCs of diabetes-A for A1C, B for blood pressure, and C for cholesterol.  These three important goals decrease complications, and decrease risks for major events, such as heart attacks and stroke.

Do you have Type 2 Diabetes? Are you at your A1C and blood glucose goals? Accept the America’s Diabetes Challenge.  What is your mission?

1) Talk to your diabetes care provider to know your A1C

2) Set goals, make a plan, and learn about managing both high and low blood glucose

3) Stick to the plan, and check in with your provider.

Are you interested in taking the challenge? Need someone to hold you accountable and help you reach your goals? Contact me to today! RXforWellnessDC would LOVE to help you reach these goals and lead a happier, healthier life! Take the challenge today!

Safe at School Part 2: Written Care Plans

Creating a plan for how diabetes will be managed at school should be a team effort that includes school staff, families, and health care providers.  It is critical that this be documented and on file for all institutions coming in contact with the child.  The Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP) or care order, is the foundation for the development of all school-based care plans.

What is a Diabetes Medical Management Plan?

Parents should put full priority on getting their child’s completed and signed Diabetes Medical Management Plan from their child’s diabetes care provider. This can be completed by the child’s physician, CDE, or other care provider.  As collaborative care continues, it could be a combination of all health care professionals to create the best , and most unique, plan for the child. They should then give the DMMP to their child’s school to implement and carry out.

Every child’s diabetes will be handled very differently. Many children have not been transitioned to the recommneded insulin pens, they still use the traditional syringe and vial or have insulin pumps.  Some students are still newly diagnosed and need varying or less amounts of insulin (aka the Honeymoon Period). Others are going through horomonal changes which is constantly toying with blood glucose levels, causing instability.  Not to mention children are dealing wDiabetes Medical Management Plan for School Staffith issues of peer pressure and acceptance, and are unable to always make clear decisions based on their state of health.   For this reason, orders for school care need to be individualized for each student.

Below is an example presented by the American Diabetes Association and National Diabetes Education Program for a comprehensive DMMP.  Examine and make unique for your child with diabetes.

DMMP for School


DMMP for Childcare


– See more at: http://www.diabetes.org/living-with-diabetes/parents-and-kids/diabetes-care-at-school/written-care-plans/diabetes-medical-management.html#sthash.WMEcB8E3.dpuf

Have You Heard of Prevent?

Omada Health recently (well..kinda) launched Prevent Now, an online version of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). The landmark NIH-funded DPP study found that moderate weight loss (around 5% of body weight) and lifestyle changes could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58%. 58%! That’s huge! Participants in Omada Health’s 16-week Prevent program receive one-on-one support from a professional health coach via phone and messaging, as well as online courses to guide them through the DPP curriculum. Prevent also uses social networking to bring together people with similar struggles and circumstances. These small groups then support each other as they follow Prevent’s four-phase program, which entails changing participants’ food habits; increasing their activity and exercise levels; preparing to face the challenges that might otherwise cause participants to fall back into unhealthy habits; and then sustaining their new, healthier choices long-term. Prevent also incorporates health data tracking through scales and pedometers as included parts of the program.

Image result for diabetes stock photos

A recent pilot study of 230 people found that Prevent participants lost an average of 14 pounds, or 6.4% of their body weight, and 72% of participants remained in the program for the full 16 weeks, which is a very strong retention rate for a this type of program. Prevent currently costs $120 per month for the four-month course ($480 total). This price is for individual consumers, and Omada Health is also working on a commercial version that will be offered through employers. Omada is also in talks with insurers and health systems to secure reimbursement for the program – we believe this is a question of “when,” not “if.”  Check out Prevent, but if you are interested in one on one counseling, with more personalized services, feel free to contact me to discuss RXforWellnessDC’s menu of diabetes management services!