An Adventure with Tofu

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Most of you guys know I am cooking my way through the Thug Kitchen cookbook.  I’m really trying to “broaden my horizons”, as corny as that sounds, to explore different types of proteins, etc. The most successful eating habits and lifestyle changes (health care professionals and registered dieticians agree) are those that are varied, sustainable, and intuitive.  The best way to make healthy choices every day is to mix things up! If you are always trying something different, you won’t feel deprived of anything.

Thug Kitchen

I have a HUGE amount of respect for bodybuilders and people who strength train for aesthetic gains, but there is no way I could be successful at eating 4 oz of chicken, half a sweet potato, and broccoli for six different meals a day.   I would probably eat two meals and then find myself in the Taco Bell drive thru without even blinking! All that being said, Thug Kitchen is helping me explore some fun meatless options.

Hence my latest adventure with tofu….


Warning: I had never cooked with tofu before.  This was an absolute first.  It wasn’t pretty.  Don’t get me wrong, it tasted fantastic but there are no beautiful photos to accompany this post. Sorry….

I made the Mixed Veggie and Tofu Chilaquiles.  Chilaquiles, while I’m not 100 percent sure on how to describe them, are very much like a loaded nacho platter without the distinct layers.  This vegan recipe replaced cheese with nutritional yeast (which I LOVE!) and used a medium-firm tofu, which has the consistency of scrambled eggs. In addition, it incorporates a ton of veggies, which could be easily interchanged for whatever you had left in the fridge or your family preference.  It called for lots of peppers and spinach, but I threw in a zucchini and some greens that were on there last leg (I hate being wastefulOpen-mouthed smile).


It was also a super quick meal! Start to finish it took me about 25 minutes and there is no thawing ingredients involved.  The flavor was strong and definitely worked for my constant need to satisfy a Mexican craving.  I think next time I will wait till much later in the cooking process to add the corn tortillas, I would like a little bit more crunch in my bowl. Overall, a big win and despite tofu, I think it would even be Garth approved!


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    December 15, 2015

    This sounds yummy! And I totally agree about the bodybuilding meals–I would break down and definitely inhale some pizza. Or Taco Bell mmmm….I love Taco Bell!

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