Working From Home + Services Update

Today has me in a complete work  mode, and it has been a very…very…slow start.  My computer (my beloved Toshiba from pre-pharmacy school days) finally kicked the bucket on Sunday.  The screen went completely black and the processor just gave out.  It figures that as soon as I get a little momentum with blog posts, etc. that I would have tech issues!  Today was my first day off since then, Garth picked out a computer from Best Buy ( I picked up this one) that would meet all my business/blogging/personal needs. I picked it up and proceeded to transfer all my files and get it set up to work.  By the time I sat down to actually start on some posts and patient charts, It was already after 2pm. This might be setting the worst example ever, but I ordered a pizza, wrote off my workout for the day, and now I’m hunkered down, ready to get completely caught up for the week (cross our fingers Fingers crossed).

This week, I had every intention of doing post giving everyone an update on where the business is headed and how my CDE is progressing. This is as good an opportunity as any!  I’m fully integrated into the community here in Fredericksburg since moving in July.  It’s been such a blessing to move farther away from the city, closer to my job and surrounded by friends and a positive environment.  I’m expanding my services into the Richmond market and am hoping to also expand into remote consultations through this blog.  With a combination of Washington Metro, Richmond, and everything in between, I should be able to build a decent client base! 

I am scheduled to take my final CDE (certified diabetes educator) exam in the late spring and I have completely finished all my experience hours.  In addition to this exam, I will also be sitting for my ACE Health Coach exam as a added bonus to my patients seeking extra diet and fitness helpSmile.

Interested in personal or group diabetes education? Contact my at rxforwellnessdc@gmail.com.  I am available for private consultation, group consultation for private practices, and curriculum development! I look forward to hearing from you!


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